12 Reasons Why You Should Join a Student Organization


Students are already busy with so many things then why add the burden of joining a student organization to it? The truth is, student organizations are not only for the betterment of your personal life, but they are also just as important for your professional life. Still, need convincing? Here are 12 reasons you should definitely join a student organization

1. Improved soft skills – Soft skills are people skills and no matter what profession you choose, you will need to have good soft skills to get ahead in life. A student organization will surely help you learn to communicate, have a work ethic, understand other people, and so much more.
2. Team player – You will learn how to be a team player. In an organization, you will have to work with many different people. Your experience in a student organization will hold you in good stead and help you function as a part of a team.
3. You’ll know yourself better – Probably one of the most important reasons – in a student organization, will learn a lot about yourself. You will learn to interact with other students, and see how they tackle issues and learn from them.
4. Networking – You will make some really good friends, or at least make acquaintances who will be useful for your career in the future. In fact, you may also be able to help someone with their career or get them in touch with the right people. It works both ways.
5. Real-world experience – A student organization is no different from any other organization. It’s people; its functioning will prepare you when you join a real work environment. Plus, a student organization is a much safer environment for you to learn first.
6. Leadership skills – You should take up a leadership position in the student organization, and it will prepare you to be a leader in your professional career as well. You will learn confidence, public speaking skills, guiding and teaching others.
7. Engaging others – As a part of a student organization, you will get to meet different students from all over the country. This will help you grow your outlook, improve your engaging skills, and ensure you are a more developed individual.
8. Break from the regular – With so much academic stuff going on, you will need a break from it all. A student organization will give you a good opportunity to unwind and take a break from studies. Taking such a break actually helps you perform better academically.
9. Improve your resume – When you are fresh out of college, your student organization activities actually build up your resume. Employers closely look beyond just academic performance because extracurricular activities are where most of your development takes place.
10. Volunteer or charity work – Most student organizations also indulge in a lot of volunteer and charitable work. You will actually be contributing to the betterment of our society. Plus, you will surely improve as a person as such activities change people for the better.
11. It is fun – You are guaranteed to have some of the best time of your life with your student organization. You will be making memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.
12. Prepare for the future – This is the biggest reason to join a student organization. You are prepared for the professional world, where you will face so many varied challenges that you may get overwhelmed, but your experience in a student organization will come in handy.

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