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10 Reasons Why Presidency University, Bengaluru is Pioneering Education in South India

April 12, 2018 | Blog


Presidency University in India is scaling frontiers in the realm of empowering future through education. Playing a formidable role in the South India’s market place, the university is tirelessly working towards honing competent and responsible professionals from grassroot level. Whether it is the faculty, courses, infrastructure or diversity of students, it has become the most sought-after platforms of learning in modern Indian. The curriculum is aimed at consistently producing competent and responsible global citizens of the society. Here are 10 ever-evolving reasons why Presidency University gains an edge over other Indian universities in a holistic manner:


  1. A university with a power legacy: Established 40 years ago, Presidency Group of Institutions is one of the most well-recognised and respected institutions of higher education in South India. Engaged with pushing the boundaries of human knowledge, Presidency University provides culturally rich education to more than 5,000 students yearly. Presidency Group of Institutions (PGI), along with the university, constitutes 7 schools and a college in South India, providing a global face of education. It has been accredited with an ‘A’ grade by NAAC. The postgraduate MBA programme at Presidency College is approved by the AICTE, Delhi.

  2. Rooted in global approach: Armed with a mission to accelerate talent through groundbreaking learning experiences, Presidency University is powering academic wisdom like no other. Enlightening students to evolve and learn along the way, the university works tirelessly in expanding horizons and paving way for ethically sound international citizens. Our constant pursuit for expansion and pan-India dominance has helped us leave no stone unturned in research-oriented teaching methodology, state-of-the-art facilities and industry-friendly curriculum.

  3. Post-graduation alumni benefits: Presidency University’s commitment just doesn’t end soon after shaping the lives of students through scholarly exposure, pedagogy and learning; it in fact strengthens its relationship by providing alumni benefits. It provides social and networking opportunities for graduates through its influential alumni network stage.

  1. State-of-the-art splendid facilities: Panned across a mammoth 60-acre campus, its technology-enabled infrastructure competes with the best-in-class universities, globally.

  • Housing more than 1000 books, Presidency University’s library is at the heart of enriching every student’s academic life.

  • Enriched with audio-visual facilities, digital prowess, space and air-conditioned environments, the university classes uplift a student’s learning experience. It accommodates a large group of students and faculty members for discussions and lectures.

  • The Sports Department at the university has a variety of fitness options and activities. Because after all, a fit mind can only reside in a healthy body.

  • Its cafeteria is spacious, hygienic and packed with a range of homely cooked and lip-smacking multi-cuisine dishes.

  • Presidency University offers various banking facilities inside campus premises. Students and faculty members can also use the ATM to facilitate access to bank accounts for cash withdrawals.

  • The University also has tie-ups with the top hospitals in Bengaluru—ensuring proper medical care and attention to all members and students of the university.

  1. Hostel life is like living in a home away from home: The hostel life at Presidency University is academically enhancing. To keep abreast with future needs, a spanking new hostel block is also getting developed for providing additional capacity to accommodate 450 students near the University campus. Hygiene, safety, warden supervision, medical checkups and insurance, independent dining area, common rooms and a sports centre are some of the other amenities. The university also has 52 dedicated buses providing transport facilities during weekends and on national holidays to go to nearby towns. More information regarding present bus routes can be obtained here.

  1. The edge of being in a capital city: Located just 15 km away from the airport, Presidency University is scenically situated in Bengaluru. Also, rightfully titled as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru has been recently named as the most preferred city in Indian to live and work in. Known for its abundance in natural beauty, cosmopolitan swag, entrepreneurial charisma and a favourite for housing major international sports and concerts, it is one of the most action-packed cities of India.

  1. Our faculty is constantly pioneering research: Making global research as a part of our teaching culture is what the university has always believed in. The aspect of faculty conducting sound research at periodic intervals is something that we has always aimed at. All this is done while working towards exchanging views at international and national conferences, penning papers and publications, authoring books, and collaborating with vivid centre of researches. To know more about the latest updates in university’s research do read here.

  1. 500+ faculties teaching a wide range of program choice: Linked with both professional and industrial bodies, Presidency University has 3 major faculties. Each of them further houses a range of subject areas, research departments, faculty members and myriad options for students. These three faculties are; namely:

  • The School of Engineering at Presidency University envisages to transform young inquisitive minds into engineers of tomorrow having strong fundamental knowledge, excellent skills, the right attitude and active members of the community. Offered programs are petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, computer science engineering and civil engineering.

  • The School of Law at Presidency University has transformed the quality of legal education. It was conceived with an objective to bring legal education as a complete professional course and provide the opportunity for a fresh 10+2 pass-out to make an immediate career choice. The School of Law has specifically designed three different Integrated Bachelor Degrees; B.A., LL.B.[Hons.], BBA., LL.B.{Hons.], and B.Com., LL.B. [Hons.], to prepare legal professionals for the diverse contexts.

  • The School of Management at Presidency University teaches all aspects of management. In its vision, the Department of Management Studies clearly defines the need to create quality managers and entrepreneurs required to face the challenges of the corporate sector and the growing opportunities for young leaders. The department offers business analytics, operations and supply chain management, finance, human resource management and marketing programmes.

  1. We go beyond just placement! Apart from just diverting all the energy to prepare students to face the challenges of this ever-evolving world, due emphasis is also given on soft skill development and relevant certification programmes. Presidency University’s USP includes, institutionalized and mentored courses; academic flexibility which embeds internship in the curriculum; remarkable networking with companies, firms, NGOs and advocates offices; enriching guest speakers experience; and simulation exercises to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Top recruiters approaching students are just a part and parcel of the placement process at Presidency University.

  1. Extracurricular activities galore that enrich student life: Cultural lub, yoga club, meditation club, photography and arts club, culinary club, CinemaScope club, science club and magazine club are some of the ways by which young minds can grow and develop in an all-encompassing manner. Whether it is the cultural club organising dance events or partaking in Indian Gaming Championship, Presidency University takes wholesome development of its students as a top priority.